Multimodal Transport

We ensure the delivery of your goods according to the concept of "door to door" whatever the mode of shipping, air-Terrestrial We can also offer a logistics service that can store all types of goods due to our different warehouses. We put at disposal of ship-owners for years acting as agent and representative maritime port. GMS selects implements and coordinates all operations referring to ships. 


Air, sea and land transit



Through its team of experienced technicians in tax laws, customs and regulations handling logistics and transportation, GMS is your best partner for :

  • Completion of the formalities and customs procedures.
  • Assistance with loading and unloading.
  • Assistance in docking and removal.
  • The organization handling operations at the port or at home.
  • The organization of transport operations and the choice of appropriate means.
  • Assistance visits customs.
  • Assistance to the findings of damage and expertise.
  • Monitoring and quantitative and qualitative cargo control.
  • Assistance - advice on customs regulations and procedures, handling and transportation, and insurance,


Specialized transit services are also designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers:


  • The Service Air Freight for air shipments to import and export with a presence in all airports in Tunisia and trade performances by correspondents in the main international airports.
  • Service Transit Futures specializes in clearing and organizing the transport of food products, fruits, vegetables, seafood and other perishable . In addition to the provision of conventional means of transportation such as trucks, trailers and containers , this service also provides adequate resources and assistance necessary for the loading and transport of specific such as olive oil and wine products bulk in tankers or flexi tanks and fresh or frozen in containers or refrigerated trailers products.
  • The Commissioner of Service Damage with relevant experts in the findings and expertise and are solicited by customers, Tunisian and foreign insurance companies.

Ocean Freight



As a one-stop international logistics services, GMS, through its team of skilled professionals, the company is all set to meet your needs for shipping, regardless of the starting point or destination .



Air Freight



Transport Truck and Transborder



Through its extensive network of truckers everywhere in Tunisia, GMS ensures find the fastest and cheapest solution to deliver your load without compromising on customer service.