Our expertise is directed to domestic and foreign shipowners or industrial Groups & Societies international trading . Our branch network covers all Tunisian ports .


Optimization of call time  :


  • Efficiency MAXIMUM paperwork edge
  • Bunkering and disposal Slops
  • Getting on board spare parts and repairs
  • Transfers crews to / from airport
  • Needs of the crew (Immigration , Health ... )
  • Diverse and varied bunkering
  • Expertise and claims relating to damage the vessel arising from the operation or handler .




Whether on board to load and unload ships ( stevedoring ) or earth (containers or goods) , our dedicated teams, organized by type of goods, you bring the experience and necessary for safe and efficient handling resources .



We can handle all your material handling and for all types of cargo, whether containerized or conventional loading and unloading, transfer to land and container bulk cargo, dedicated storage, storage, transfer full or empty containers, packing and bagging .