International logistics

GMS, in its role as a specialist in international logistics , guide and organize the flow of goods by customers thanks to its diverse specialties .



GMS is an architect and main contractor in international supply chains of its customers : develops and organizes transport solutions involving logistics .
It offers a full range of services for local national and international transport . Whether by road, air or sea we specialize in the movement of goods of all volumes.
         • Clearance and administration of goods
         • Ocean & air freight transhipment
         • Door to door services
         • Local and international transport
         • Shipping consolidation
Any activity warehousing and distribution.
         Offer our customers the products and services they want, when and where they need it .


Warehousing and Distribution 


The Global Maritime Agency Services offers its customers comprehensive warehousing and distribution services Customs Customs and out including: 

  • Stock management
  • Inventory Management
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Econsolidation
  • Distribution and Delivery 


Our warehouses are equipped with the following facilities: 


  • Computerized system for inventory management 
  • Sophisticated equipment and precision for handling all types of goods
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • 24hours/7days Watchman



The experience of administrative and customs formalities Logistics accelerates the availability of your goods on your site in strict accordance with the regulations and procedures of each country .


Enjoying a WAN can anticipate controls and formalities necessary for the delivery of your goods (upstream preparation of transport documents and provide) ensuring you gain valuable time. 
In addition, follow strict procedures and the deployment of appropriate IT solutions ensures proper management of your customs operations .